In the U.S. and in my home country, Australia, May 9 was Mother’s Day — a special occasion to celebrate mom or as we say in Australia “mum.” So I thought it fitting for this article to be a tribute to mothers, and a look at how they can influence our lives and our relationship choices.

When we’re single, our moms are often our biggest cheerleaders. We appreciate their interest and support in our dating lives, but sometimes it can drive us crazy. “When are you going to find someone and get married?” they’ll ask. “I want grandkids,” they’ll say…

Blithe Spirit film poster, 1945

Beautiful and accomplished women are not immune to the pitfalls of unrequited love — many of them have tumbled head first down this romantic rabbit hole. The trick is once you’re out, do not fall back in

Sunday night, Zach and I were scrolling through Turner Classic Movies’ curated selection of Oscar-winning films available for streaming. We hovered over the description of the 1945 comedy “Blithe Spirit,” starring Rex Harrison and based on producer Noël Coward’s 1941 play of the same name. I’m a fan of Coward’s writing, so I eagerly agreed when Zach suggested we watch it.

Before settling…

Finding love in our modern times rarely happens magically, one has to put in some effort

“I’m not ready to give up on love,” Sue Ellen, my 54-year-old female client in Tacoma, Washington said. Sue Ellen had pledged not to “give in,” and accept her singledom as permanent just because she was over 50.

I was moved — and inspired — by her determination. In dating, as in so many endeavors, optimism can make all the difference. Maintaining a positive outlook is often easier said than done, of course. Dating can be dispiriting, especially once you’re out of your 20s…

ATC Comm Photo, Pexels

How our dating preferences change over the course of our lives

Since I introduced my new matchmaking project, several women have put their hands up for my help. So far, all of them have been over 40 years old, with the oldest a vibrant 68. I’ve also heard from a few single men in a similar bracket.

It’s unsurprising that I would draw most of my clientele from the over-40 demographic. I too am in my 40s, and over the years my dating preferences have changed. I’ve found that many of my clients have had a similar evolution in romantic…

Wherever I go, I keep my eyes peeled for my matchmaking clients. I’m appealing to my friends, peers, and acquaintances for help.

I was standing in our room at a cute hotel lodge on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon when a wave of comfort rolled over me. Zach, my boyfriend, was sitting on the bed with his laptop researching flight options over the Canyon while I was making our morning coffee. What a relief, I thought to myself. What a relief that I don’t have to do this on my own anymore.

I’ve always been an independent and…

Center — Caroline James (author) with two male attendees at “The Kevin Bacon Party,” a singles mixer Caroline created, organized, and publicized for Generation Xers in Melbourne, Australia in 2010.

A personalized dating service that will create new relationships from tried-and-true networks

Over the years, I’ve travelled all over the world and worked in many different industries. One thing that’s been constant, with few exceptions, is that wherever I go people of all ages and from all walks of life yearn for romantic connection. Why do so many people want so badly to be in a relationship? It sounds like a simple question, but I’ve found it usually doesn’t have a simple answer.

For me, when I was a single, the main reason I sought a relationship was companionship. For…

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This article was submitted to and published in June 2020 here.

A company that shows compassion and treats its employees and the public with care and integrity in a crisis situation will reap the benefits of a more loyal and productive workforce and an enhanced brand reputation.

Three months ago, daily life in the United States changed dramatically. The outbreak of COVID-19 led to nationwide shelter-in-place restrictions. Millions of Americans began working from home, others risked their health and lives working on the frontlines, and millions lost their jobs altogether. …

David Pereiras / Shutterstock

The COVID-19 crisis has brought a new level of attention to companies’ treatment of their employees. Of course, customers and shareholders remain top of a company’s priority list but during the past few months, where both front-line service employees and working-from-home professionals have found themselves at the mercy of an ever-evolving worldwide crisis, the public’s eye has honed in on the needs of the worker. After all, most of us are employees ourselves, and we hope that our employers will do what they can to support us during a time of uncertainty and disruption.

The world has watched as companies…

(Photo by hazemsony45 / shutterstock)

Like many otherwise healthy people during this pandemic, I’ve had trouble sleeping lately. The other night I was lying in bed awake, feeling discombobulated and anxious, when I started to think about Los Angeles, the city I live in. As the wee hours crept in, I began to consider the parallels between my status as a pandemic-era job seeker and that of aspiring actors hoping to make it in this town. It’s not surprising that my thoughts drifted in this direction — I’ve always loved the movies and good acting, and live near Hollywood.

As I turned things over in…

PR expands its responsibilities

Our working lives changed forever in the 1990s with the advent of the world wide web. This change has been acutely felt in public relations. The internet — and the brave new world of digital marketing that came with it — transformed the way companies communicated with their stakeholders and how public relations people did their jobs. PR extended its skillset to include web expertise, helping our clients and companies build websites, develop and upload content, and manage communications online. But PR wasn’t the only profession that had to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of…

Caroline James

Aussie in LA who continued her PR career in the U.S. after relocating with a green card she won in the U.S. Diversity Lottery. Currently seeking opportunities!

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